Band Saw
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Band Saw 0.3.0 packages are now available:


It should run on any operating system that supports GNOME, Python and named pipes (otherwise known as FIFOs).


Installation is simple:

        $ ./configure
        $ make
        $ su
        # make install

Please read the README file included with the source code for more details. It is important that you specify the correct prefix when configuring the package or you may find that some things don't work correctly on your system (e.g. default configuration parameters, installation of the user manual, etc.). For example, when installing on my Ubuntu Breezy workstation I run the configure command as follows:

        $ ./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc

For some reason that is beyond me, the GNOME configuration daemon doesn't immediately read the default configuration settings unless you restart it. I therefore recommend that you kill it before running Band Saw for the first time, to ensure that it reads the default configuration files that you've just installed, like so:

        $ killall gconfd-2

You will only need to kill it once. If anybody can explain how this really ought to be handled, I'd much appreciate it.

Finally, make sure that you have a notification tray running your GNOME panel. You can now run Band Saw either from the command line, or using the icon that has been added to your GNOME Applications menu. From the command line, just type:

        $ bandsaw &
I find it helps to run Band Saw from my GNOME session's startup programs so that it runs automatically when I log in.